jay blakesberg shares background behind john mayer playing wolf

Last night John Mayer took the stage with Dead & Company in New York and he was carrying the famed Jerry Garcia “Wolf” guitar that was a staple of Grateful Dead shows for many, many years.

Fans haven’t seen this guitar on stage with a full Dead project since Jerry was the one carrying the guitar, so this was a big deal.

Jay Blakesberg seems to be the mastermind behind the whole thing, and in the gracious and giving way that he can do with this band, the insight into how he connected John Mayer with Jerry Garcia’s guitar “Wolf” for not only rehearsals but just a general reverence first before even discussing playing on the thing is a truly incredible insight.

We never knew if he would play it the whole show or just a few songs. The guitar sang and screamed with LOVE from the first notes of St. Stephen played on that stage! Wolf had truly come home! By the time the band got to the end of the second set you could see how the guitar and the player had become ONE and that last solo in Morning Dew took us all collectively – the band and the fans – to that special place where we all commune in the group mind and the energy flows freely from stage to audience and back again

This is an absolutely incredible story. Read the whole thing here.