will be out registering voters in full force this year! The nonprofit voter registration organization just released a nice, big list of festivals where they’ll be looking for volunteers to help get signed up to jam the vote in 2020.

After last year’s record turn-outs at the polls, we’re glad to see this organization not letting up on the gas pedal and putting out volunteers all over the road this year.

Check the list below and head over to HeadCount’s festival page to click the VOLUNTEER button to get involved.

2019 Voter Registrations

03/22-03/23 , LA
04/19-04/21 , GA
05/17-05/19 Hangout Festival Gulf Shores, AL
05/24-05/26 RuPaul’s Drag Con , CA
05/24-05/26 Dark Star Thornville, OH
05/24-05/26 Music Festival Chillicothe, IL
05/31-06/02 City, NY
06/13-06/16 , TN
06/21-06/23 Dover, DE
06/27-06/30 , MI
07/04-07/07 Quincy, CA
07/18-07/20 Scranton , PA
07/25-07/28 Festival Scranton , PA
07/26-07/28 Newport, RI
08/01-08/04 , IL
08/09-08/11 , CA
08/22-01/25 Lockn’ Arrington, VA
09/21-08/22 Sea.Hear. Ashbury , NJ
10/04-10/06 (Weekend 1) ,
10/11-10/13 (Weekend 2) ,

By the way, they’re at a ton more events than we have listed above, they have a very comprehensive set of upcoming shows where you can meet up the other volunteers and get more folks signed up to vote. Head here to see their full event list.

Contact us if you have a news item or festival!