Grateful Dead Drummer Mickey Hart Publishes CNN Op-Ed, Details Earth’s Call Festival in Aspen

Mickey Hart looks out over the world... © Jay Blakesberg | Fare Thee Well Soundcheck 6.26.15

Grateful Dead drummer, percussionist and all-around rhythm devil Mickey Hart published an op-ed today on CNN imploring readers to consider the natural rhythms of nature and what we may be doing to damage it as a species.

My fascination with the rhythms of our planet — and the universe beyond — goes way back, and exploring them has always been a passion for me in my long, strange musical journey, which began with the Grateful Dead more than five decades ago. It has also led me to the realization of how closely our universal soundscape is tied to nature and its voices. As an artist, I have had no choice but to become a passionate environmentalist and an active preservationist of the natural world.

In the article he’s announced a new organization called Earth’s Call, which will be officially unveiled fully to the world at a three-day festival in Aspen, Colorado this weekend (May 17-19, 2019).

The three-part event will convene artists and academics, musicians and messengers of conscience, experts and youth leaders. The common thread shared by all attendees is a commitment to heal our planet.

And they will also be hosting a concert and a webcast featuring Colbie Caillat, Michael Fitzpatrick, Anthony Hamilton, Mickey Hart, Patti LaBelle, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Natalia Lafourcade, Alan Parsons Band and the Earth Symphony Orchestra led by Conductor CheChe Alara.

And introducing the incredible Compton Kidz Club—and inspirational talks from messengers of conscience, performing and speaking to inspire others to join the cause.

The performances will be synchronized with immersive visual effects produced by Batwin + Robin, the video artists behind wildly popular Broadway productions, interactive museum experiences, and awe-inspiring events.

Tune into the Earth’s Call 2019 free livestream and webcast below…