ghosts-of-the-forest-@-the-anthem-washington-d.c-4.6.19 [SETLIST]

are in our nation’s capital tonight for a show at , ’s The Anthem.

The band lead by frontman features , , , , and are now on show #3 and they’ve played two shows ahead of this (in Maine and Pennsylvania).

Based on the second night’s , we can probably expect to see another carbon copy tonight. But I’m digging seeing the band stretch into the same piece of music over the course of a tour. Maybe they’ll get a live video out of the tour at the end of something when everything is tight.

Scroll down for tonight’s

Ghosts of the Forest @ The Anthem , D.C 4.6.19

Piano intro
Ghosts of the Forest
Drift While You’re Sleeping
Sightless Escape
Halfway Home
If Again
In Long Lines
There’s a Path Above
About to Run
Beneath a Sea of Parts 1 & 2
Siren Dream
Stumble Into Flight
Ruby Waves
Shadows Thrown By Fire
A Light Beyond The Dream
In This Bubble
Beneath a Sea of Part 3 (blue)

Brief Time
Band intros
Pieces in the Machine


ghosts-of-the-forest-@-the-anthem-washington-d.c-4.6.19 [SETLIST]


Ghosts Of The Forest 4/6/19 “If Again” at The Anthem in Washington

Ghosts Of The Forest 4/6/19 “Drift While You’re Sleeping” at The Anthem in

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