dopapod emit time

Ladies & Gentlemen… another Dopapod moment that we fans have been waiting for! By the time most of us wake up tomorrow — and for some before they go to sleep (you lucky west-coasters, you), the band will have released Emit Time, their fifth studio album and follow up to their 2017 release, Megagem.

Over the last few months, they have shared slash teased us with two tracks from Emit Time – “Test Of Time” & “Numbers Need Humans.”

Just about a month ago Eli, Rob, Chuck and Neal “Fro” proved to us all that they still absolutely have it together with their face-melting performance at The Capitol Theater – which was their first show back at it after what felt like forever of a hiatus, which also included these hot new tunes!

During the year plus of downtime the boys had a chance to reflect and recenter…and to write! This album is one of true collaboration with a little bit of input from all corners of the band. It started to come together last December with recording sessions in Colorado and the final product came out of Turtle Studios in Philadelphia.

“I’m really excited “23 Forever” is on there. I spent an afternoon drinking some #hotfyre @coors, and wrote that song .. not ever expecting it to go anywhere besides my SoundCloud.” – Chuck said to Facebook today.

No better way to kick off your holiday weekend than to cruise into it with some fresh tunes — out now on all streaming platforms!