Earlier this week, the Disco Biscuits announced that they had ended their search for a new drummer, and that they had finally chosen a replacement for Sammy.

From discobiscuits.com

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we would like to welcome to the band our new drummer, Allen Aucoin.

After many weeks of rehearsal with several drummers, Allen emerged at the head of the pack with an undeniable energy and a youthful exuberance that, in the end, was absolutely unparalleled. Simply put, Allen brought the heat, and the heat was HOT.

While we did find that there were many incredible drummers out there, there was only one that made us feel like we were truly dealing with that indescribable feeling called BISCO. When Allen Aucoin was beating the skins, bisco was in the air. You could close your eyes and it just felt right, and in the end, that was the biggest factor in our decision to take Allen. We like to call it the X-Factor.

I have to wonder if the fans are going to hear the X-Factor as well. I mean, can I just assume that it’s going to be hot just because tDB told me so? I haven’t listened to his segment of the drum-off shows yet, but I guess I’ll just have to trust them.

I remember back when I started listening to Umphrey’s McGee and I remember my reaction to the announcement that Mike Mirro (their original drummer and founding member) would be leaving the band. I was floored. “Well, that means the end of Umphrey’s McGee as we know it…” but I really meant, “Well, there’s no way UM will be able to find a drummer that replicates his style, the music is going to suck with their new drummer, and I won’t like this band anymore pretty soon…”

I know that’s a doomsday scenario and all, but it just happens to be in my nature to assume the worst first.

Naturally, I’m thinking the same was in store for the Disco Biscuits.

Sam Altman was a serious driving force behind the sound that made me love the Disco Biscuits. He’s usually the first one in the pocket whenever the band spreads out, and I remember reading something a while back where Marc Brownstein confirms that phenomenon. He said Sammy was always the one pushing the band faster or harder or pulling the band back to softer, quieter, slower, punchier.

It’s not going to be an easy feat for tDB to recreate that magic, X-Factor or not, so I think we have to expect it and give the band a little time to find themselves again.

If no one had given Umphrey’s McGee another listen because they thought the magic couldn’t be created again, you wouldn’t have heard anything about Umphrey’s McGee during 2004, which ultimately became their breakout year.

Let’s try to remember that once we hear Allen drop down to the four-on-the-floor beat and let’s give him a chance to reel us back in.