For all you fans of the band that everyone actually thought would hang up their earplugs after last year’s reunion, Cream is actually announcing that they’re planning more shows in the future.


Bruce says he, guitarist Eric Clapton and drummer Ginger Baker will set up camp in select cities for multiple dates, just as they did last year.

It gets better, though…

Bruce says he is less explosive in his old age, and the band know better how to handle problems, but there remains an underlying, brotherly tension with Baker. On the other hand, he describes Clapton as “the most beautiful, kindest, most understanding guy that I’ve come across.”

Underlying brotherly tension? What the hell is their motivation here? Money?

It seems that they’re still trying to call this a reunion based on musical exploration and freedom, but we all know that the world does not work that way.

“I don’t like the Ginger that much, but Eric’s okay, so we figured we’d do a tour together…”

“Am I wrong?” – Walter Sobchak