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recently surprised the attendees at the Asbury Park and Film by announcing that he would be releasing a concert film from the epic Jazz & Heritage that The Boss delivered to a 2006 Fest pummeled, bruised and beaten by Hurricane Katrina just eight months prior.

This was the first time Bruce debuted his Seeger Sessions Bands, and there are many people that would argue that it was one of the most important sets ever delivered during the entire history of the festival.

And now the entire performance is now available to watch on YouTube.

Springsteen said he is planning to release a film of his April 30, 2006 performance with the Seeger Sessions Band at the JazzFest. He considers that show, he said, to be among his Top 5, ever. He also said, about that rootsy Seeger Sessions project, “I wanna do that again sometime.”

He made good on that promise quite quick. Watch the entire show below.

Playlist: - The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, 2006

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