BREAK STUFF: Woodstock ’99 Fiasco Sparks New Podcast Series


Break Stuff is a new podcast series telling the story of Woodstock ’99 told by music writer and journalist Steven Hyden and brought to you by Luminary Media.

In 1999, a music festival took place in upstate New York that became a social experiment. There were riots, looting, and numerous assaults. And it was set to a soundtrack of the era’s most aggressive rock bands. Incredibly, it was the third iteration of Woodstock, a festival known for peace, love, and hippie idealism. But Woodstock ’99 revealed some hard truths behind the myths of the 1960s, and the danger that nostalgia can engender.

The Ringer posted this quick teaser via Twitter:

“For the past seven months, I’ve talked with anyone I can find who’s associated with Woodstock ’99” and “I wanted to know why the last major music festival of the 20th century turned into a disaster” is really all I needed to hear to get excited about what we’d hear during the eight-part series. Can’t wait.

Episodes get released starting on July 9th.

Here’s the link to the show.