Trey Anastasio recently helped premiere the release of a new film called Between Me and My Mind at the Tribeca Film Festival, the first inside look at the songwriting decisions and behind-the-scenes from the Phish frontman in a good while.

For all we knew, it had planned to be limited and maybe just pause there, but it was recently announced that the film will get a full theatrical release this upcoming, Wednesday July 17th.

Theater and ticket information will be announced soon. You can now see the full trailer here (or below).

UPDATE: the documentary is finally getting a digital release coming on October 11th! Read more here!

Visit to sign-up for more information. It’s good to get your name in there so that they make sure and book something in your city, and as most Phish theater events, this is probably going to be a fun night-out and something very worth the time.

Between Me and My Mind | Official Trailer | In Cinemas July 17