Battles Announces Departure of Dave Konopka, Promise “More To Come”

battles announces departure of dave konopka

In a message just posted across their social media, Battles has confirmed a lineup change in a sad, handwritten note. Their guitarist/bassist Dave Konopka has decided to leave the band “for personal reasons.” Dude is a beast and is going to be missed.

Hey everyone, as some of you maybe have heard, Battles’ lineup has changed. A little over a year ago, Dave decided to leave the band for personal reasons.

Anyone that listens to our music knows that each stage of our evolution is pretty different. We’ve never been a band looking to repeat a formula and new situations present chances to do new things.

We appreciate and love everyone that was a part of Battles and are really excited about what’s next. More to come…

Ian and John

Thankful that the band will have something else coming soon. And they have some dates still booked on the calendar, so we’ll be eagerly waiting to see what they bring to the stage that day.

battles live july and august 2019 dates

Update: in August the band announced their new LP, new single and a set of tour dates in the US. Go here for more info.