New Year’s Eve Downloads & Torrents

New Year’s Eve is probably the best night to see a concert, especially in the jamband world. Bands go balls out. Audiences go balls out. Bands bring out lasers and quadrophonic sound systems and we all lap it up (very happily, I might add).

This usually means that the New Year’s Eve sets are the most coveted downloads as the fans enter the new year. Therefore, I thought we’d round up a list of all the NYE performances across the country (at least those I can find). Email us if you have others that I don’t have listed here and I’ll update the master…


New Year’s Eve Downloads & Torrents

Both Hidden Track and have been rounding up what everyone played and what everyone did that was so special. I wasn’t surprised to read that Umphrey’s McGee didn’t really do anything too impressive other than simply play their hearts out (jeez, is that all?). They did the same thing last year, except there was a weird King Kong theme to the decorations on stage that they never fully referenced during their performance.