Minnetonka HS Band Performs DJ Shadow

From One Louder (from Music thing)…

At Minnetonka HS in Minneapolis, I have to wonder what’s in the water. While most high school bands might be playing the latest, garbage single to hit the Top 40, this band plays DJ Shadow. Really well, actually.

Check out this amazing video of Building Steam with a Grain of Salt and Changeling right here (RIGHT-CLICK and Save-As…). It’s on the Archive, so it should be available for downloading forever and ever.

I have to say I’m fully impressed Brian Udelhofen, the inspiration/producer/idea-maker/percussionist behind the original adaptations. Way to go, dude. I always had the idea of “covering” a DJ Shadow track with a band if I ever found the time to start a band. Or learn how to arrange music. Whichever came first, I guess. And Brian beat me to the punch. Impressive.