Marco Benevento & Friends @ The Theatre at Trump Plaza, Atlantic City 10/30/10 Late-Night

Marco Benevento & Friends @ Trump Plaza, Atlantic City 10/30/10 Late-Night

This past weekend featured three of the best Phish shows I’ve ever been fortunate enough to witness, but there’s one event that got pretty overshadowed by all the madness on the Boardwalk. There were two after-parties booked at the Trump Plaza next door to the Boardwalk Hall where Phish was booked, the first being a Karl Denson after-show following the Friday night sets and the second being a Marco Bevenento & Friends after-show the morning following Phish’s “Get the Led Out” concert. Our crew made it to the Marco show, something we wouldn’t miss given the stellar lineup he had planned backing him up; it was none other than Marc Friedman from the Slip and Surprise Me Mr. Davis and local boy Billy Martin from MMW.

After the opener of “Greenpoint,” always my favorite, the band tore through a set of Marco originals and jazz-wank standards and played to a posh-ass nightclub in a Donald Trump themed hotel. Even my bottled water had Trump’s face on it — Trump Ice — and the show was a ridiculously good time by all standards I could ever apply. My buddy Mike Kochan got some amazing shots from the show, too.

Thanks to Mike for keeping a straight head and taking some photos and videos from the show. I was also psyched to meet my long-time online-only friend, @jtnt. What a weekend.


  1. I had the best time over the weekend got in the first 2 nites i ended up with 3 tickest i gave 2 away second nite i actualy found a ticket and stomped on it then 3 Jersey Punks tried to Pull my foot over it im a 210 lbs and a 41 year old Godd ol boy from Cleveland i almsot had Van it was cold as hell at nite Then on the 31st like you all now that where there tix started going for 400.00 or more i was calling em all bitches s*** last yeat at Festival 8 we got 3 nites and camping and the first ever all acoustic set for 200.00 You folks in Jersey are all greedy assholes I havent been there since a JGB show baack in the early 90’s and after seeing some of the greedy evil s*** i saw last weekend im never going back there hell 400.00 to see Phish for one nite Damn i wouldnt pay 400.00 to see Jesus play the f***ing banjo.But all in all i had a great time just hate the whole money thing ya dig?And i met some great folks and saw alot of old friends

  2. Show was awesome! I was lucky enough to do the lights for Marco and crew this night. What a wonderful time! Thanks to Marco, Billy, Marc, Management and all the people at Trump Plaza that were very helpful!

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