Heady Links

Fresh Bread rounds up the upcoming Austin City Limits programming schedule. My TiVo Season Pass should pick up all of these, and the Spoon set is great, by the way.

Tickets are again on sale for the three Broken Social Scene shows coming up in New York City. I passed up a silly chance to catch them right here in Chicago at the Metro, and I realize now that it was a mistake.

Scott Stapp comes clean in Rolling Stone, and we have yet another reason not to get mixed up in hard drugs. Okay, no more stupid rockstar “look at how stupid this guy is…” links for a little while–I promise.

FYI: I’ve been having some email problems over the past month and I might have missed something that you’ve sent through to the [email protected] email address. If you’ve sent something that I never responded to, it’s a good chance that it disappeared into an email blackhole. Please send again.


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