Let’s take a quick moment to celebrate this awesome month in Phish’s rich history.

Many have heard the famed “Nassau Tweezer” but two days prior the band dropped a masterpiece at The Centrum Centre in Worcester, MA which was twelve years ago today or as Phish’s Archivist Kevin Shapiro calls it, #TIPH. Not only did it include the rare “You Enjoy Myself” opener but sustained a first-set energy rarely witnessed these days. Trey took charge early especially in a gorgeous version of “Roggae.” You could tell the band was focused from the first note playing a string of Phish debuts from their respective solo projects. This helped to sculpt the show as special right off the bat. I still wish Phish would take another crack at “Drifting” and “Clone” because of how well they fit in.

Besides the first ever YEM opener (with “Clone” vocal jam!) the MVP is “The Moma Dance” which clocks in at 14 minutes and reaches best-ever status. It even overshadows the “Ghost” that segued into an instrumental “Low Rider” out of nowhere. The Worcester crowd achieves lift-off several times throughout which you can hear in the audience recordings. Whenever I press play on this gem I’m immediately transported back to my college years in New England. Listen to Dave Flaschner and Jason Sobel’s recording on phish.in or click play below:

2003.02.26 - Worcester Centrum Centre

Play it Leo Kottke!

(Ticket stub from The Golgi Project)