A Decade of Live Phish: 6/28/1995-2005

About a month after my 14th birthday, in the summer of 1993, I heard Contact for the first time. What the hell is this?...

Jamcast #006

Even though I know that Umphrey's McGee's podcasts are far superior in sound quality, professionalism, credibility, I'm still going to try and share some...

Jamcast #005

Finally, I got around to putting up this excellent source of The 5th Annual Jammys show in New York City earlier this year. ...

Jamcast #004

Jamcast #004 picks up right where Jamcast #003 left off, a soaring and spacey Birds of a Feather > 2001 > Brother. The...

Jamcast #003

Sorry to all those lonely Jamcast subscribers that have been waiting patiently for Jamcast #003. It's been a while since I've had the time...

Just For The Hell Of It: Coventry Shots

As summer rolls along and Phish remains frozen in a cryogenic chamber like Teddy Ballgame's severed head, I'm feeling a little nostalgic for the...

Black Tuesday: One Year Anniversary

In case anyone forgot: "Last Friday night, I got together with Mike, Page and Fish to talk openly about the strong feelings I've been having...

Jamcast #002

Today's podcast features some music that I enjoy. I guess it could be called math rock (Del Rey), groove rock (5ive Style), post...

Electric Apricot…What the?

I guess I thought that Ace Cowboy might have even been joking about this until you follow the link right to Les Claypool himself....

Jamcast #001

Update: the feed should be working correctly now. It probably wasn't last night, so try to grab the podcast again if it...

the music scene in florida (or lack thereof)

Now playing: Keller Williams - Vacate Seriously now, Florida is not the best vacation spot if you're a live music lover. Well, you...

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