Words and Photos by Jake Krolick

The is back in Dover for its second appearance. 2012 was a blast and this year’s offering looks to be packing a strong line-up and I’m hoping many new surprises. After exploring last year’s inaugural great success, it seemed only polite to spread about this ’s second round. Here are ten reasons to make the trek to Dover, Delaware this summer a few tips thrown in for good measure.


So Far this 2013 line-up is a great balance of large and small bands and stages running in the same pack as other large festivals around the country, but still maintaining its own unique offering and manageable size. Besides headliners The and you’ve got some hot up-and-coming acts that will be fun to see as they play to larger crowds. Look for some breakout festival performances from , , , and Delaware’s own . Plus The set is sure to be one sweaty raucous dance party.


With more than 65 bands across multiple stages you should be psyched to know you can hit a boatload of . I’m hoping they continue with a four stage set-up so that this year’s festival will be easy to navigate with no sound bleed. Last year’s layout worked incredibly well for managing long days with minimal wear on your feet and maximum intake.


Firefly is blessed to be tied in with Delaware’s best export, Dogfish Head . Be sure to enjoy made for the festival, Firefly Ale, while you relax in the Dogfish Head Brewery.


The Fireflies were everywhere last summer as you found a cool escape between dusk shows. Weather that will be in the expanded Hammock Hangout or just watching the scenery from the center of a field.


The arcade came well-stocked with Pac Man, Centipede, and Burger Time; however the real heat happened in the backroom where you challenged your friends to a skeeball competition for beers.


The vineyard was enormous and lit-up like a French bistro at dusk. your palette with a variety of wines while avoiding being bumped into by some spun festivarian or at least the crowd raging to .


TOM’s does a body well – besides doing really cool things for the world they make a comfy pair of shoes. I kicked myself for not customizing a new pair of kicks at the TOMs Style Your Sole area; I won’t make that same mistake again this year. Visit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s Music Gives tent and partake in some activities to benefit the kids. After downing six beers and grinding on some random stranger on the rail at it’s like doing communion for your sins.

Firefly 2012 | Photo by Jake Krolick
Firefly 2012 | Photo by Jake Krolick


The pathway through the trees was a welcomed treat. The time and money spent adding a deck, lights and video to the last year was well worth it. The walk should energize the masses as massive branches and leaves keep the day cool and the night exciting.


I’m thinking that Firefly Folks may be adding some more shows after last year’s taste in the Casino Ballroom. It’s a treat to dance inside downing festival cocktails after a day in the elements. Ensure you have the energy for the shows by housing down one of your favorite food options at a variety of pop up restaurants. Last year’s hush-puppies and pulled pork tacos were a strong showing.


Explore The Grove, the on-site camping experience, to find a variety of additional attractions being announced by Firefly Directors within the next few weeks!

I’ll leave you with a nice mash-up of last year’s event to help encourage your attendance at the Firefly Festival in 2013!

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