Death Cab for Cutie does Sound Opinions


A few weeks back, a bunch of my buddies in Chicago got to sit in on a stealth Death Cab for Cutie performance that was being taped for an upcoming Sound Opinions show. I was bummed to have to miss it as I don’t really have any experience seeing this band up-close and personal, but I also delighted to get to send a friend or two in the name of LMB because I really think they enjoyed it. I’m told my one, non-bloggy friend sat jaw-dropped and in awe of “the” Ben Gibbard — she’s been a fan of the band for a while so it makes sense for her to fall in love when finally fan-to-band — and my other friend got some special press treatment and got to get up front for the photos that you see here. I forgot to post these when I got them but it’s fitting now that the show is finally airing this weekend (the podcast featuring the performance is already up, too).

Death Cab for Cutie made it from Seattle to the O.C. to the top of the charts. Now they’ve made to Sound Opinions. Tune in to hear Jim and Greg’s conversation with Ben Gibbard and Company, plus a special performance in front of a live audience.

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Photo by chicagopublicradio

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