Breaking News: Parents Won’t Let 14-Year Old Attend Phish Concert

Phish concert….. parents wont let me go? [Yahoo! Answers]

Ok so i am 14. My favorite band in the WHOLE world is phish. They are almost like a hippie band and they play very happy music about random things. Well last summer my parents went to thier concert and i wanted to go but they said no beacause people do things there that i shouldn’t be exposed to. Their going again this summer and i REALLY want to go but again they said no!!!!!! They said because people do drugs there. but really i am a responsible person!! It’s not like im gonna go up some random hippie and say ” Yo give me some pot!” I wouldn’t do that. So i don’t really understand why they wont let me go….Any idea???!!!??!!

I’m speechless; the parents can go, but the 14-year old can’t? We at LIVE MUSIC will not stand for this injustice!