Bonnaroo 2013 Dates Announced

Who do YOU wanna see at this year’s Roo? Will this finally be the year that Daft Punk and/or a member of Pink Floyd performs on What Stage?

Finally, a video announcing the 2013 dates was made exclusively for Bonnaroo’s YouTube channel featuring the Carrie The Dancing Merengue Dog. It can be viewed below. Bonnaroo’s promoters have also started to create and curate videos throughout the year as part of Bonnaroo365.

Dates Revealed By Carrie The Dancing Merengue Dog | Bonnaroo365

^^ I am now considerably dumber for having watched that video but hey, I’m also considerably dumber for having attended 9 Bonnaroos! Can’t wait to do it again!

My Morning Jacket – Touch Me I'm Going To Scream, Part 2 – Bonnaroo 2011 (Official) | Bonnaroo365

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