Bonnaroo 2010: Flaming Lips to Cover Dark Side of the Moon, Paul Simon ‘Confirmed’

2/9/10 update: Click here for Bonnaroo’s Official 2010 Lineup

In the lead-up to their official 2010 lineup announcement, Bonnaroo gave their website a fresh redesign and officially announced the date of their official lineup announcement. Heh. They’ll reveal this year’s lineup next Tuesday, February 9 over at

But in much more than just a lineup tease, we’re hearing that Paul Simon has been confirmed (according to Live Daily) and the Flaming Lips will also be on that lineup thanks to Spinner and Wayne Coyne’s big mouth. Not only that, the Lips have also revealed that they’ll be doing a special late-night cover of Pink Floyd’s classic Dark Side of the Moon as a reprise of their recent New Year’s Eve celebration. It looks like Wayne Coyne fully intends to play right into the altered states of many of the festival’s attendees:

We did it at the New Year’s Eve show just knowing everybody’s gonna be taking acid, staying awake until five in the morning. We might as well just be jamming on some freak-out music….I don’t think it’ll be that much of a stretch to think Friday night at 2:30 in the morning at Bonnaroo would be that much different than being in Oklahoma City on New Year’s Eve. I’m sure people will be having their own party while we play this space rock or whatever. In that sense it’s perfect for that.

Good old Wayne Coyne.

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