Atlantic City Detox Citation

Hey everyone, sorry for the radio silence around here. Our whole crew has been locked up in Atlantic City following an especially un-heady citation that we were all issued on the Boardwalk on night. Everything was going so well before Moses came through and parted the sea of wooks…

Then s*** got real. #awwHELLno

Our buddy @Phortin was found guilty first as he was cited for “Orderly Conduct,” something that has absolutely zero place at a show and something we will continually shame him with on tours to come. Thankfully, he got a Seven Below discount which knocked the fine down to $4.20, assuming of course that it’s paid within the 46 Days allotted. All of this was straight from the mouth of Gamehendge Police, the security force that was patrolling the Boardwalk and issuing multiple citations to anyone going overboard and talking about Widespread Panic or possessing an un-opened container on their person. I’m actually pretty lucky I didn’t get busted for Improper Use of Air Guitar / Air Drumming, something that I have a hard time keeping under control when the band is on stage.

We’ll have plenty more to share once we get our memory cards back from lock-up. Be on the lookout for this guy at the Holiday run…


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