Apple Announces Ping, the iTunes Music Social Network

Photo via @crunchgear

I’m watching the Apple keynote live on and I wasn’t fully expecting that they’d be unveiling a new social network for music built right into iTunes. It’s called Ping, and it’s built into iTunes 10, which is available starting today at Also, as part of the iTunes Store, you’ll see Ping on your iPhones and iPod Touches. The part that caught my eye was the fact that they’ll be artist tour dates built right into the interface. It doesn’t seem like the new version is up yet but we’ll be digging right into this to find out more. Based on the presentation, there are over 17,000 tour dates in their artist database and it’s going to be easy to say “I’m going” and just post on what concerts you’re attending for all your friends to see. Can’t wait to test the implementation.

Chris Martin just took the stage for a live performance, too. More on this as it comes in…

Update: Live Nation and Ticketmaster will be powering the tour dates. Tons of links on the subject here…


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