Following up two shows in a row for me, I was in for a third my Saturday night booked at The Fonda. Hype has been building around this -based duo since they ignited the itty-bitty last spring. That performance got my attention in a very real way – the sound was so fresh and creative. It filled a in the industry. I covered the show alone but I remember leaving soaked sweat from dancing my out ~500 of my new best friends. Upon returning home, I immediately made it my mission to spread my new found knowledge to friends far and wide.


Half a year later: is back and bigger than ever, and they easily brought their magic back to . In those months, they placed a remix on the über-hip Divergent soundtrack and they released In Return – which is easily one of the best electronic albums of the year, by the way. Albums like this give me hope for the of indie-electronic. It’s groovy and dreamy but the technical excellence and innovation are borderline unparalleled.


The setting couldn’t have been more perfect. Situated in the pulsing of , The Fonda has been home to some of the best shows I’ve seen during my time here in . The crowd was chomping at the bit as the lights went down. Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight took the stage behind a solid black pedestal. In front of them, their geometric logo glows along with the . The duo is framed by a beautiful backdrop of projected photo and video content interplaying perfectly with the . It’s truly a beauty to behold.

Immediately, they launch right into a blazing set of ethereal, -shaking brilliance. Seamlessly building acoustic dreamscapes into heavyweight bangers, Odesza has mastered a dynamic prowess all their own. They cruised through their three studio albums with finesse and poise. The pseudo-glitch hop track “My Friends Never Die” was softened with a musical edge conducive to some serious wiggling. The cinematic anthem “Above The Middle” absolutely soared—providing a welcome breath of fresh . Their new songs brought the house down. “Say My Name” and “All We Need” ( my favorite from the album) got the dance floor steamed up quite a bit.

Without a doubt, the best moment of the night came when the duo dropped their #flawless remix of ’s “Faded”. Over the past year, this mysterious LA-based producer has fascinated and enticed electronic around the world. ’s dark, sensual brand of house is equally as innovative as Odesza’s aesthetic and together? They are . “Faded” is certainly one of the year’s biggest sensations and Odesza’s dreamy touch colors the hit in a new and exciting way. It’s a little bit more chilled-out. It’s more “Hey, I’m gonna dance with you and be flirty” where as the original is like “Hey, your place or mine let’s leave ”.


This was only the second stop on their In Return tour, so these guys have to be feeling pretty good right . I’ve rarely seen a crowd in LA so unabashedly smitten. On stage, the duo emanates gratitude and excitement. Though they are still quite fresh, Odesza has grown so much in six months – from here on out, the sky is the limit. LA friends: If you missed this show, don’t worry. You’ll have a to see them at Day of later this fall! All of the other friends: If by some miracle the show in your area hasn’t sold out yet, right meow. They’re growing like wildfire and you don’t want to miss your .

Molly grew up in the Pacific Northwest before attending the University of Colorado at Boulder and receiving her BFA in Filmmaking. She is currently living in LA with her best friend aka her dog. She calls herself a writer/photographer.