My close friend from Chicago, Ross, made it out to Camp Bisco 11 last week. He brought back some awesome photos to share with us and here’s what he had to say about the fest… -Andrei

Camp Bisco this year was a hell of a time, from the hard pounding dubstep grime to the electronic jam face-melting Biscuits and Lotus.

It was a beautiful weekend up at the Indian Lookout; music going on 24/7. Surprising acts included Lotus, who dropped an old school “Sid > Flower Sermon > Zelda” combo. Another surprising act was Atmosphere who doesn’t do a lot of festival stuff nowadays. It was a treat to hear all the old timeless tunes from the Lucy Ford EP. The show was high energy the whole time and people were satisfied big time. Finally, Amon Tobin: ISAM had a huge turnout; no surprise there. Great visualization setup and very entertaining. It was hard getting everyone to sit down and watch this amazing experience but in the end it was well worth it.

Security was at it again this year with the well known Hells Angels watching over the land and ensuring once again that we all have a safe and happy Camp Bisco! They helped people throughout the weekend with heat problems and other things including helping me when I locked myself out of my car!

In my opinion, the setup was way better last year. The flow was a little crowded and silly when it could have been more simple. It was a scorcher the whole weekend, weather getting as hot as 100+ degrees! People stayed hydrated and kept in the shade for a majority of the hot hours of the day.

It seemed last year there was more of a design aspect to the festival with fire guns shooting up huge flames. This year didn’t really have any of that this time around. There was however a giant boombox that would have dancers and fellow campers dancing till the early hours of the morning.

Silent disco was a hit with nonstop music till sunrise. It is a way to ensure proper sleep with proper raging. The perfect solution for those who don’t feel like going too hard during the festival and likewise for those that do.

Overall Camp Bisco is a very fun, electric, happy party that’s supported by a wonderful band. They’ve kept the jam/electro scene thriving with this once a year event. Can’t wait to make it back there again….

Words/Photos by Ross Citrin

Check out Lotus, Atmosphere, Bassnectar, Break Science & Chali 2na, Big Boi, Future Rock, The Disco Biscuits, and more in the gallery below.