PHOTOS / SETLIST: Widespread Panic @ UNO Lakefront Arena, New Orleans, LA 10/31/13

Widespread Panic renewed an old tradition last night by returning to their old stomping grounds in New Orleans for yet another Halloween night show at UNO’s Lakefront Arena. The show featured eight songs the band had never played before, a couple of JJ Cale covers and a memorable and surprising cover of The Strangeloves “I Want Candy” among other highlights. As for costumes: JB went as Spock from Star Trek, Jimmy dressed as a biker, Dave Schools was a zombie, JoJo doubled down, going as Kenny Powers for one set and Liberace for another, Sunny was a chef(?) and Todd went as King Tut. The stage design was an Egyptian pyramid setup. All in all, one helluva night and further affirmation that these guys continue to fire on all cylinders on a nightly basis in 2013. Continue below for the setlist and a photo gallery from the show. Panic returns for two more in the Big Easy tonight and tomorrow at UNO.


I: Drinking Muddy Water*, Holden Oversoul, Tallboy, Blight > Coconut, Heroes, Impossible, Bowlegged Woman, Devil in Disguise**, Cocaine*** [71 mins]

II:Spill the Wine****, Pigeons, Ain’t Life Grand > I Got My Mojo Working*****, Disco, Rebirtha > I Want Candy****** > Drums > Fishwater, Help Me*******, Ace of Spades******** [93 mins]

ENCORE: All Time Low > Surprise Valley > Cream Puff War [18 mins]

Notes: * FTP The Yardbirds (1967)
** FTP JJ Cale (1982)
*** FTP JJ Cale (1976) w/ ‘Sunshine of Your Love’ tease
**** FTP War (1970) w/ the Ray Moore on flute, keys, and percussion (Ray’s bio)
***** FTP Muddy Waters (1957)
****** FTP The Strangeloves (1965)
******* FTP Sonny Boy Williamson II (1963)
******** FTP Motorhead (1980)
[false stop during ‘Ace of Spades’]