Woodstock 50 Denied Permit Festival Site, Billboard Reporting Appeal & “Finally Gotten Its Act Together”

Woodstock 50 just can’t really be happening at this point with the latest news that they’ve now been denied a permit to host the event at Vernon Downs in New York.

According to Syracuse.com, “the permit was filed too late and is ‘dramatically incomplete,’ said town attorney Vincent Rossi.” LOL.

According to Billboard today, though, these guys may have their act together now.

Organizers are appealing that decision and sources tell Billboard that the event has finally gotten its act together. Woodstock 50 apparently has new investors and has gotten about 25 acts from the original festival lineup committed to perform, a claim Billboard has not independently verified.

Amazingly there are somehow still artists listed on the attendance for this, with no location, no tickets on sale, no nothing really to speak of but the equivalent of someone completely in over their head and someone that should have respectfully pulled out of this melee a while ago.

Plus it’s still actually listed as an event on Ticketmaster, but when it links off it just hits a dead page on the Woodstock site.

Can someone just make it stop already?