We’ve gone almost a week without posting anything related and well…that’s just too long. Earlier this month, at setbreak of the webcasts, we were shown a two-part documentary (each around six minutes in length). The two segments were comprised of giving a walk-through of his equipment. The first part focused on his keyboard and piano and in the second part, Page walked us through the keytar (with a history report taboot) and the infamous theremin.

Here is the second part video which was posted to Youtube a few days ago. The first part isn’t up yet, but fingers are crossed it’ll also surface. In the second part, the theremin instruction Page gives is one of the more interesting things I’ve seen from a “behind the scenes” feature.

Page McConnell Keyboard Documentary Part 2″

Keyboard Documentary Part 2

Let’s hope the theremin comes out to play a lot more in the second leg than it did on ’s first. It was almost a year ago that decided to once again infuse that theremin sound back into their live shows, starting with the Storage Jam at SuperBall — then bringing it to the Gorge for one of the most explosive and exploratory Rock and Roll’s in Phish’s career.

Phish: Rock And Roll - Meatstick - Boogie on Reggae Woman Live At

Speaking of Page, news dropped yesterday that The are reuniting (, , and Porter ) for two shows in NYC at B.B. King’s Blues Club on October 31st and November 1st. Important because Page McConnell will be joining them for the two shows, officially putting the ka-bosh on any Phishy plans. Some were still holding out hope, that even without a Fall tour, the band would do another musical costume, especially considering all the bustouts performed on the first leg this Summer. No dice.

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