Uber and Spotify Announce Partnership [updated]

Spotify and Uber are supposedly teaming up to announce a partnership this coming Monday, November 17th. Based on this report in the New York Times and their unnamed sources giving them the goods, they’re fairly certain that Uber’s last-minute invite on Friday promising a press event on Monday with an “special partner guest” will be Spotify’s chief, Daniel Ek. We’ll have updates once they’ve been officially revealed.

I imagine that as part of the built-in app they provide for drivers, now there will be a Spotify app installed that will switch according to the user that is in the car (assuming, of course, you link your Spotify account to your Uber account). I like the idea just fine, even if the lack of said partnership is not exactly something I’m lamenting every time I hop in an Uber anyway. Normally I’m just trying to make sure the driver actually knows where they’re going considering everyone and anyone can become a driver these days, but this will make the trips with friends fun considering I’ll be able to switch to #trap playlist like mad quick.

The report doesn’t confirm how the technology will actually work, so the jury is still out on this for us.

More on this as it becomes available.

Update: this has been confirmed by Uber; check out uber.com/spotify for more details.

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