Trey Anastasio Band are back on stage tonight in St. Augustine, Florida for night two of their mini four-night tour.

Last night in St. Petersburg, Florida was a confident show and featured an awesome new arrangement for “Camel Walk” featuring a full horn section accompaniment and everything.

Let’s see what Trey has in store tonight for the show…

Trey Anastasio Band @ St. Augustine Amphitheatre St. Augustine FL 5.29.19

Set I: Sand, Burn That Bridge, Magilla, Everything’s Right, Pigtail, Curlew’s Call, Dark and Down, Rise/Come Together

Set II: Night Speaks to a Woman, Alive Again, Simple Twist Up Dave, Heavy Things, Set Your Soul Free, Brief Time, Valentine, Plasma, Goodbye Head, Blaze On, Tuesday

Encore: Clint Eastwood, First Tube


Trey Anastasio Band 5/29/19 “Magilla” at St Augustine Amphitheater in St. Augustine,FL

“Simple Twist Up Dave”

“Brief Time”