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As of about 24 hours ago, a good portion of the music fans in the world had no idea they’d ever see The Black Crowes hit the stage as a band again. Everything changed this morning when the news was revealed fully, confirmed on the Howard Stern show first but heavily rumored many places first.

Then a deeper and bigger surprise came with the news that the band would be hitting the stage in New York City at the Bowery Ballroom this very night, mere hours after they gave everyone a reason to either start saving for next summer or cursing the brothers Robinson vehemently and making that known online.

We’re pleased to report they made it through the show, and by all accounts I’ve seen, the show tonight in New York City went off without a hitch. The band played their seminal classic Shake Your Money Maker front to back as the main set of music, and then returned to the stage for a quick and powerful encore of “It’s Only Rock n’ Roll” from The Rolling Stones, which may just be a message for all of us surrounding the online chatter around the band.

After all, reunion cash grabs or not, sometimes it’s only rock n’ roll everyone’s chattering about. And that’s always best experienced live and not online anyway.

Scroll down to see the official setlist and fan-shot videos and ‘grams from the show.

The Black Crowes "Jealous Again" @New York Bowery Ballroom 11 Nov 2019