Do not miss the latest episode of the People’s Party and interview show. This week he and his producer Jasmin Leigh sit down El-P, one half of the ridiculously dynamic duo known as (featuring emcee ). It’s easily worth the full 90 minutes of your time. I loved it.

They dig into a wide range of subjects — including ’s signature “noisy” production style, how came into existence, living at ’s house after Rage Against Machine broke up, and what led to the breakup of ’s own group, Company Flow, around the same time.

Further, there was a ton more history attached this legend than I was even aware, and this is a great primer for or RTJ fan that doesn’t know too much more of the history.

Later Talib and El-P trade their stories on how they got signed to Rawkus Records — the mecca of the underground scene in the late 90’s. El-P also opens up about his song “Last Good Sleep,” which outlines his own experiences dealing with domestic violence as a child. His record label Def Jux is also discussed, as well as what we can expect for his up and coming album “Run The Jewels 4” with Killer Mike.

We know Run the Jewels is going to be hard and we know it’s about 90% done, so they must be taking a few breaks and making sure people know they still out here. Can’t wait to see what the new sounds like.

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