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Last night in offered the the first taste of the new & Bros band, his trio legendary producer and drummer that starts a tour in Reno on Tuesday night.

The show was a benefit at August Hall for Save the Redwoods and featured a mix of Dead classics, a new tune from his Blue Mountain album, and of course anything that Dead & Company bandmate leads on way better than anyone else, namely an awesome take on “Althea”. also came out towards the end which featured everyone jamming away on “Not Fade Away” to close the show.

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When I Paint My Masterpiece, Only A River, Friend Of The Devil, Loose Lucy, Althea, Easy Answers, Not Fade Away

Here’s a few clips we scrounged up on Instagram or

Loose Lucy

at August Hall- - Save the Redwoods- benefit- October 13,2018


Not Fade Away

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