A year or so I was out in Denver at the Phish run at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, one of my new yearly traditions and something I always set my watch to now, and I was at brunch with a few friends and someone busted out this awesome hot sauce to put on the eggs we were serving with the homemade chicken and waffles — my crew brunches hard — and the label immediately caught my eye.

My friend Marla Simon was at that brunch and said that she had created a special small-batch of hot sauce called Scarlet Fire🔥 and got her good friend Jim Pollock of Phish poster art fame to do the label art.

Scarlet Fire may have only been a small friends-only hot sauce recipe as of that wondrous morning, but recently Simon took to Kickstarter to get going on putting out a larger batch and get going on building her own legendary version of the Grateful Dead one-two punch of “Scarlet Begonias > Fire on the Mountain.”

I already got myself in on the campaign for a bottle and a sticker of this awesome artwork. Don’t miss your chance, you’ve got the next month to help support the cause and get the sauce off the ground and into your veggie burrito on lot this summer.

The perfect blend of heat and flavor, Scarlet Fire® is a vinegar-based hot sauce made with a unique blend of chilies and aromatics. It is a great addition to soups, sauces, marinades, eggs, mac & cheese, vegetables, bloody marys, wings, pizza — and so much more! Scarlet Fire® is gluten free, vegan, and made without added sugar.

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Click the button below to head over to the Kickstarter and get your own bottle and collectible artwork!

Scarlet Fire® hot sauce [Kickstarter]