has confirmed the usually inevitable at this point — they will be webcasting their New Year’s Eve run via .com. Trey just finished up a run of solo shows and has already started to leak out what they’re working on early in 2019, so these shows are going to be featuring at full creative mind-peaks. Let’s hope that translates into some solid shows.

Tune in to LivePhish on 12/28 to kick off the run.

The New Year’s Run will be available in 4K as well as 1080p and Standard Def. A multi-night pass is available. If you’ve got alternate New Year’s Eve plans, you can still purchase the Webcasts and watch them within a few days from your Stash. Order today.

Also of note is that the LivePhish crew is actually giving away a huge $500 gift certificate (think of how many webcasts that will buy you!) for anyone that wants to enter the sweepstakes here.

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