pete buttigieg releases campaign playlist featuring phish fleetwood mac carly rae buttijams

Consider my vote pandered to on this one!

is the charismatic Mayor of South Bend, Indiana and he’s been making waves in the political world lately and was eyeing a full run for President of the United States of the America.

On Sunday April 14th, he made his plans to campaign officially public in South Bend, and ahead of that his campaign released a playlist on and made sure their tunes were going to be well chosen and reflect the right type of target demographic in its launch.

And after the recent dust-up when someone unearthed a ridiculously stretched out-of-context mention from Buttigieg that he’s a fan of “ Reprise,” it’s not a major surprise for me to see that our favorite four-some from Vermont, , gets a nod with the official studio version of “ – Reprise” from A Picture of Nectar.

Going after Bernie’s home base! And awww come on, they couldn’t pick a version?! And why couldn’t it come BEFORE ?!

Sure enough, at the event announcing his candidacy, “Tweezer Reprise” made an appearance.

Also on the playlist are faves like Sharon (RIP) & , , , and , and in a perfect nod to his sexuality and being the first ever official candidate for President to be an out and proud gay man, there is also and on the playlist.

Time to pump up the Butti-jams, people. 🍑

Check it out below.

Buttijams – Pete for America

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