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UPDATE: head here for the Night #2 setlist and streams.

returns! The super trio of , , and are back a two-night run at 1STBank Center in Broomfield, right outside of . I’m told the scene is quite -y and not at all -y. We’re hoping we see some Police finally grace the (as opposed to how their first tour worked out).

We’ve got a photographer on site and it looks like Rene Huemer is there for the official band shooting. We’ll be following along from the couch for the and any crazy moments that pop up in the tweets. Hopefully a stream will pop up, which we’ll link to below or on our Twitter account.

Scroll down to see the setlist from the show.

Oysterhead @ 1STBank Center Broomfield, CO 2.14.20

Set I: Little Faces, Mr. Oysterhead*, Polka Dot Rose, Radon Balloon > The Grand Pecking Order > Rubberneck Lions

Set II: Jam^ > Shadow of a Man > Army’s on Ecstasy > Wield the Spade, Birthday Boys, Oz is Ever Floating, Pseudo

Encore: Voices Inside My Head > 46 Days > Owner of the World%


* – Les teased “Tommy the Cat” after his solo during the jam segment
^ – Jam featured Trey on his matterhorn guitar
% Smoke on the Water tease

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Oysterhead Valentines Show 46 Days 2/14/20

Oysterhead Valentines Show Pseudo 2/14/20

Oysterhead 2/14/2020 Mr.Oysterhead

Oysterhead Valentines Show Shadow of a Man 2/14/20 Night 1

Oysterhead 2/14/20 - part of "Owner of the World"

Army’s on Ecstasy - Oysterhead

Oysterhead - 2/14/2020 "Rubberneck Lions"

Oysterhead 2/14/20 1st bank center




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