Metallica Opens Chase Center in San Francisco with a Mega Symphonic Performance [SETLIST/VIDEOS]


Metallica is the first band to christen the new Chase Center in San Francisco, a fairly large arena that will play host to a ton of new shows in the area right on the waterfront in the city. Typically shows would be over in Oakland at Oracle Arena or down in the Bay Area’s Silicon Valley, which wasn’t super easy for tons of people to get to. This new venue could be great for the city vibes, but time will tell if the city adopts it wholeheartedly.

And last, Metallica was the first band to get to test the full sonic range of the new venue with their S&M² show.

Scroll down to see the setlist as it rolls in…

Here are some video highlights from the show…

Metallica S&M² - Master of Puppets [Live w/ Orchestra] - 9.6.2019 - Chase Center - San Francisco

Here’s what Rolling Stone said about the show:

So watching Metallica play with around 75 more musicians than usual at the concert seemed like proof that size matters when it comes to hard rock and heavy metal. Of course, they had proved that the first time two decades ago — and the Moody Blues and Deep Purple proved it half a century ago when they were among the first groups to team up with orchestras — but in the cavernous Chase Center, Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony proved they can fill the room with sound.