have released a new scorching rocker, “Planet B.” It’s basically a death metal track. Check it out above.

Okay so it’s not death metal, but it’s very much an obvious King Gizzard song. At this point there’s simply no one else that sounds like them. And the video … is… insane. It begins barking wildly as a pack of dogs would. All dressed in orange. Somehow everything escalates from there into dancing around a field like they’re a bunch of high school students in gym class. Until someone else shows up a shotgun. Then lights them on fire.

WTF these dudes are insane.

has released a few singles from their new album, Fishing For Fishies, including a roots-rocker called “Boogieman Sam,” and a kraut rock ripoff called “Cyboogie”. The LP title track is grooving and funky and folky, and they couldn’t be more different than each other yet still retaining that epic Aussie gizzard sound.

This track is standing on its own and is not listed on the Fishing For Fishies tracklist, so perhaps it will be a single or perhaps just a video to haunt your dreams for a bit.

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