Gillian Welch Releases New Song “Happy Mother’s Day”

© David Rawlings

Gillian Welch released a new song today called “Happy Mother’s Day” in celebration of this Sunday’s upcoming holiday. This release is now out on Acony Records, and while it may seem like it was made for this year’s socially distant holiday, turns out Welch wrote the song previously.

“I wrote this song one May when I was far away and couldn’t be with my mom on Mother’s Day. Then I called and sang it into her answering machine when I knew everybody’d be sitting down to eat. Here is the original home demo for the song, recorded on a portable reel to reel.”

“We can’t always be with the ones we love, but that can’t stop us from saying ‘I love you,'” Gillian said about the new track. Listen to “Happy Mother’s Day” below.

Gillian Welch - Happy Mother's Day