just dropped a new track on their that apparently would have been featured in a debut today at a show at First Avenue in , but due to the social distancing restrictions everywhere they didn’t get to celebrate that 50th Anniversary they had planned. Shucks.

Instead the / supergroup side project thingy chose to drop a new song that will benefit Voices for Racial Justice. Look at this on the track, btw.

The song features vocals from Naeem Juwan, Dua Saleh, Velvet Negroni, G Star, Sophia Eris, , booboo, Moise, J Plaza, Greg Grease, Izell and Stefon LeRon.


— synths/guitar
Derrick Lee — piano
Jerry Nutzman — synth
Jake Luck — keys
Le Micheal Lewis — soprano sax
Joe Westerlund — drums
Carmen Camerei — trumpet
Alistair — cello
Jim Anton — bass
Adam Hurlburt — bass
Chris Bierden — bass
Moogstar — synth bass
Psymun — production
BJ Burton — production
Josh Berg — mix

The song was produced by Ryan Olson.

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