The stories coming out around this weekend’s first ever Fyre in the are insane.

What happened at Fyre Fest?

First things first, “Fyre was set up by , a startup run by and the US entrepreneur .” This should have been a quick red for most but this festival was clearly working to cater to a higher-end crowd.

“In December, it was promoted by a slew of models on Instagram, showcasing what Fyre would have to offer. All the social media buzz from these ‘influencers’ and Instagram models meant general admission sold out before the was released.” (via The Guardian)

Some people started to catch wind that this may not go off as planned, like Page Six:

A source says that attendees have not yet seen pictures of their “villas” on the fest’s private Bahamian island. Another source said, “It feels like they have good intentions, but are out of their league … Several companies bailed on working them because they were very disorganized. They don’t return calls.”

Even QZ had a look at this one:

While several of the packages include flights to the from Florida, the bare-bones general admission ticket doesn’t include travel, making a trip to Fyre significantly more expensive than any other festival in existence.

That does not sound promising.

I know. And when the first of the festival goers started to arrive, this is the type of condition they saw the festival grounds in…


Yeah, and this is how the food looked…

Then cancelled…

Bands do not cancel unless things are really, really bad. Usually they’re contractually obligated or they don’t get that payday.

Then got a hold of it…

The tweets started flowing like fine wine.

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It started to come clear this wasn’t a joke.

At this point, even the tourism bureau in the Bahamas has distanced themselves from this about as far as they could…

The whole ended in some serious lawsuits.

Ja Rule has released a statement on

That hasn’t stopped the #memepocalypse…

of the festival actually gave an interview to check that out here.

Music have been posting distress signals from the Bahamas via social media for the past 24 hours, with some suggesting they’re unable to leave the island. Festival promoters have so far issued only brief statements, but in an exclusive interview with , , the 25-year-old Fyre Fest co-organizer with rapper Ja Rule, gives his regrets, promises refunds and hopes to return for a make-up festival next year.

MAKE-UP FESTIVAL?!??! Holy wow this guy is delusional.

Where it ended up?

“Today is definitely the toughest day of my life. I’d love the opportunity to go through and tell my story of how we got here and how I see it and where it’s going.” – Billy McFarland

As of Monday following the festival’s launch, demise and public shredfest that was #FyreFestival, NOW they’re really saying they need a to recoup and try again next year to save face. Look at this screen capture of how they’re asking people to submit requests for refunds:

Let’s hope a never gives it another fighting because wow they done screwed up big.

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