Due to a band member injury, have been forced to reschedule their February 15-16 opening weekend at The in . No word yet Their Mardi Gras parade set for Feb. 14 will also be cancelled, but the dates at the have been rescheduled to May 15 & 16. And thankfully all for the original dates will be honored.

For those unable to attend the rescheduled dates, refunds will be made available at the original point of purchase. All refund requests must be received no later than end of day Monday, February 18th. No additional refund requests will be processed after this date.

The press release says apologizes for any inconvenience caused by the rescheduling, and we really don’t know what happened yet. Considering they played a Super Saturday Night concert and welcomed some special guests to the stage, maybe the after party just got a little too lit. “promise to bring it in May” they say. Guess the will have to wait… 😢

Update: we finally know what happened to the band … Dave Grohl had to get surgery!

During a conversation Nation president and CEO Michael Rapino at the Pollstar conference in , the legendary drummer and frontman explained that he finally underwent a much needed surgery roughly a week ago on his left arm.

The article goes on to explain that “the surgery, as Grohl explained it, was to keep his arm in good shape for many more years of and live performances.”

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