© Renata Raksha

Flying has announced his new album, Flamagra, his first full follow up after his groundbreaking You’re Dead LP.

Enter Flamagra – a work that sweeps up every quantum advance and creative leap of the last dozen years of ’ career and takes them even further; the Warp release encompasses hip-hop, funk, soul, jazz, global dance music, tribal poly-rhythms, IDM, the L.A. Beat scene, but it soars above a specific vortex whose coordinates can’t be accurately charted. Other than to say that it is a Flying record, perhaps the definitive one. An astral afro-futurist masterpiece of deep soul, cosmic dust, and startling originality.

He’s released the first video from the project, a spoken word spacey piece called “Fire is Coming” featuring . The other already confirmed guests on the album is insane, too. FlyLo tapped , , , , , , , , , and more.

will be touring North America, Europe and Japan in the fall.