The first round of artists for this year’s in NYC were just announced. The music and film festival is set for October 18-22 all around NYC.

I still haven’t made it out this festival but tons of indie rockers cut their teeth in NYC around this time of year and around the events. Plus it’s a solid way for tons of folks in the industry to get together and finally meet each other face to face as opposed to electronic correspondence only. Maybe I’ll make it out to NYC this year after all…

Artists playing 2011:

Art Vs. Science

…and many more to be announced soon!


fills more than 80 of the city’s greatest venues, nightclubs and theaters with over 120,000 fans, music industry professionals, college radio tastemakers, bloggers, press, filmmakers and musicians.

2011 will once again be headquartered at New York University’s Greenwich Village campus, just steps away from dozens of downtown Manhattan venues.