Why Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” Video is Incredible (Not to Mention Wildly Important)

Donald Glover just proved that Childish Gambino is something the world needs right now with the release of “This is America”. This video will surely be talked about for ages to come.

We’ll be rounding up the reactions to the video below, but watch the video above if you want to see the magic…

WARNING: some people may find the contents of the video a bit disturbing, but to me it’s no worse than seeing an “action” film. There is some gun violence. I know it’s not real.

Wait. It’s a different kind of bop. It turns into a gore-ish spectacle that juxtaposes homeland terrorism and riots in the backdrop of outwardly happy people doing the latest dance moves with impeccable quality. Curiously, none of the dancing people, who are all in uniform, are seemingly touched by all the violence. They dance and dance, either willfully ignoring the violence around them or perhaps prayerfully ignoring the violence surrounding them. Or distracting from it. [Forbes]

This quote was especially spot-on in my opinion:

One message of “This Is America” is relatively clear: We’ve cultivated a culture in which we emphasize the trivial, while pressing life-or-death issues are all around us, unaddressed. Our priorities are messed up, Glover seems to be saying. [Mashable]