Charlie Day has been a known Phish fan for a while now, but he just recently shared a better view of how he may have looked back in the day when he was hitting shows regularly.

He shared the photo above with the caption:

And full puberty kicking in before a @phish show and standing in front of a bird cage. @nickkroll @colbertlateshow #puberme #puertorico #puertoricorelief @therock

LOL. I’m guessing he tagged @therock because of that dope ass chain. And the photo was shared and tagged with #puberme which is helping to raise some funds for Puerto Rico 🇵🇷, a very good cause.

And we need answers, Charlie — what show were you going to see?!

If you do a little internet digging this photo seems to turn up as well, although I can’t actually promise or verify you’re looking at Charlie Day in the below shot.