My 25 Favorite Tracks of 2019

While I’m not usually one to wrap up a year of my own musical tastes as a “Best Of” list, this year I felt really moved by a wild, eclectic array of music and felt like sharing with the group. I put together a playlist of the stuff that was in steady rotation for me, the stuff I kept pressing repeat on immediately after my first listens, and the music that just moved me emotionally this year. Turns out it’s about 25 songs that stood out. 😎

Scroll down to see my My 25 Favorite Tracks of 2019 and check out the full Spotify playlist here. I think there’s something for everyone here, and frankly I’m quite proud of the of the eclectic spread of the selections. This is the best music of 2019 for me…


25. Jib Kidder – “Games”

Jib Kidder is a solo psychedelic electronic that I’ve been following for a while, and the new collection of songs he released this year is a fun ride through a creative sampler and tinkerer and a voice that reminds me of Panda Bear. The LP is called Sums, and this mini track “Games” samples a few old school video games and it hits me right in the nostalgia feels. Plus the length and vibe made it immediately repeatable for me, so I must have listened to this track 25 times the first time I heard it.