For this month’s Phish Friday, we’re delving into a category of the scene that doesn’t often get discussed: fashion. Phish fans are generally categorized as mostly male — although some would argue that the Funky Bitches who attend wear those fancy clothes proud — so there often isn’t any interest in wearing your best duds to a sweaty, sticky arena rock show. But Phish shows are a special event to all of us, those few times a year to join our community in celebration, jubilation and all out joyful embrace. Just like a first date or a wedding celebration with friends, Phish shows can be a place where we all dress to impress. Our friend Blanca Myers (@blancatron) gives us a rundown of four looks that will help you look great for the upcoming New Year’s Eve run, because when we get there, we’re all hoping that we’ll be better dressed. Let’s class up the joint a little bit. —Editor

LOOK 1 – MIKE: Sergeant Pepper Disco Chic

Our look for those hanging out on Mike’s side is all about maintaining a delicate balance between gypsy and disco.

mike fashion

Clockwise from the top left:

  1. Heady Topper beer, made by The Alchemist brewery in Vermont, gets a Tweezer twist in this Phish lot style t-shirt. Available at Phanart.
  2. This scarf can be worn in over ten different ways. Nicknamed the Vinyasa Scarf for its flowy versatility, this scarf will accommodate your morphing mood throughout the show and then some. Available at Lululemon.
  3. The Blackhorse Reversible Smoking Jacket is perfect for wearing black corduroy side-out in the first set for a more classic look, and brocade-side-out in the second set to express your blossoming Dionysian powers. Available at Betabrand.
  4. In a 2010 interview, Mike said that his fantasy was to “very gradually turn into Steve Tyler with a bunch of scarves and lace frills and everything.” This neon shirt is our Mike-spin on Steven’s style. Available at Madewell.
  5. Anaglyph 3D glasses because when Mike turns up his bass it makes you feel like you’re hearing music in 3D. Available at Etsy.
  6. What do Krishna, ancient European royalty, and Mike Gordon all have in common? Each has been known to rock the color purple. In celebration of Mike’s enigmatic purple pants, rock these royal purple disco pants. Available at American Apparel.
  7. Commemorate Phish’s 30th year in these “Year of the Snake” limited edition Nike Air Max 1’s featuring a metallic reptilian skin in homage to the Chinese zodiac for the year 2013. Available at HighSnobiety.
  8. Sculpt your hair into your favorite Mike ‘do using Kiehl’s Malleable Molding Paste. Formulated with silk powders and natural extracts, this hair goop will keep your hair in-place but malleable enough to forge new fronts so you can match your hairstyle to your mood. Available at Kiehl’s.
  9. These funky, MC Escher-esque 3D block socks by K. Bell are sure to rival any pair that Mike is rocking on stage. Available at JackThreads.

LOOK 2 – TREY: The Ironic Rockstar

Trey has rocked many looks over the years, from ironic t-shirts to skinny jeans. Here are our favorite big red-esque threads.

trey fashion

Clockwise from the top left:

  1. You may not want to wear a wingsuit to a show, but you can feel extra good in your favorite hoodie by sewing on this wingsuit panel for a Phamily patchwork look. Available at TailPheathers on Etsy.
  2. It’s no secret that Trey loves Billy Reid shirts. This sporty “Walland Brown White” flannel features a hidden button-down collar. Trey chic. Available at BillyReid.
  3. This ironic “Wombat/Abe Vigoda” tank reveals your muscles in a cuddly way. Available in various cotton styles on PhanArt.
  4. MYFE and Mr. Miner teamed up to create a series of eye-catching pins. This pin pays homage to the legendary 4.2.98 “Twist” of the Island Run. The pin can be worn on a hat, your show bag, or your hoodie. Available at MYFE.
  5. After shelving the beanie Trey rocked in the fall of ‘95 and at classic shows like The Great Went, he re-introduced the beanie look on stage in Atlantic City earlier this year with this Phish-branded hat. Available on Phish Dry Goods.
  6. This pop-art bag is a flashy tribute to the “Wilson” played at Phish’s New Year’s Eve Garden Party last year. Available at Kathrine Baumann.
  7. Free People’s sparkly harem pants balance rockstar and hippie, and their sparkles are a perfect compliment to the metallic hues of the rail. Available at Free People.
  8. As seen on Sue Anastasio at Phish’s Worcester, MA shows this fall, these Dr. Martens boots have a padded sole making them perfect for bouncing around Madison Square Garden. Available at Dr. Martens.
  9. In 1936 tennis players ditched their espadrilles for Spring Courts, the world’s first all-white athletic sneaker. Since then, celebrities from John Lennon (seen in Spring Courts here on his wedding day) to Owen Wilson have rocked these French sneakers. We wouldn’t be surprised to learn that there’s a pair of Spring Courts sitting on Trey’s tourbus. Available at Spring Court.
  10. What is a band without skinny jeans? Levi’s 510 Skinny Fit jeans fit nice and tight from the thigh down to the foot. Available at Levi’s.
  11. As seen on Trey in the ’90s, this is an open request for Trey to bring back the graphic tees. Among our favorites is his Pepe Le Pew t-shirt and this Marvin the Martian shirt. Marvin is the Looney Toons villain from Mars best known for his tried attempts to destroy the planet Earth with an illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator because it obstructed his view of Venus. Available on eBay or a thrift store near you.
  12. These Wilson party sunglasses are meant to be worn inside because you can still have fun. Available at TheShakedownShop on Etsy.

LOOK 3 – PAGE: Rage Side

Page’s look channels the twirling energy of the dancers behind the soundboard. These performance based threads incorporate some of the world’s finest technical fibers for ultimate dancing comfort.

page fashion

Clockwise from the top left:

  1. Gyakuoso is a line of high-fashion performance gear created by Nike labs and Parisian label Undercover. Designed by Jun Takahashi, this vest is the ultimate form meets function piece, and is perfect for use during your pre-show stretches. Available at Nike.
  2. Throw on this “Wocka Wocka Orange” t-shirt under your vest in honor of the “wocka-wocka” sound of Page’s Clavinet x Wah-wah pedal. Available at Shirtoid.
  3. Do you ever feel like a pilot on the outside, and a Wookie on the inside? Now you can dress the part with this reversible hoodie featuring a Rebel Alliance pilot bomber on the outside, and a furry Wookie design on the inside. Available at eCouterre.
  4. This limited edition Page-sley tie by StuPINdous Creations features a keyboard paisley design on 100% silk fabric, adding an element of Rage to an otherwise formal piece. Available at PhanArt.
  5. Show Page, and his favorite baseball team, some love with this New York Mets flatbrim. Available at Zappos.
  6. The shirt is made from a quick drying, stretchy material that will keep you the right temperature before, during, and after the show. Available at Prana.
  7. Lululemon’s Kung Fu pants are hip, comfortable, and chafe-resistant. Plus, the feature two hip pockets and two rear pockets so you can stash your phone, keys, and ticket stub. Available at Lululemon.
  8. These “Page Side Rage Side” panties are what dreams are made of. As seen on stage in Hampton. Available at PhanArt.
  9. Dance like you’re barefoot on a moist, green organic lawn in Vibram’s Spyridon LS, the Italian rubber company’s first ever Five Finger shoe sturdy enough for trail runs. Available at Vibram.
  10. Handmade to order, these green mermaid leggings feature a fish scale print on the Page side of the thigh. Perfect for moving freely while doing the Meatstick. Available at Purusha People.

LOOK 4 – FISHMAN: Tuck-tacular Couch Tour Comfort

Through his 30-year career with Phish, Jon Fishman has anchored his style in comfort. Our look for Jon is all about couch tour.

fishman fashion

Clockwise from the top left:

  1. This handmade, slouchy crochet banie is versatile enough to accommodate all hairstyles, from half-buzzed to dread locks. Available at CrochetConcepts on Etsy.
  2. Drip yourself in Phish’s “sacred design” with this tank featuring the Metatron cubes spelling of Phish. Available at FluffnFeather on Etsy.
  3. This organic hooded cardigan was created by one of the original Phish-lot textile brands, Synergy Organics, founded in 1993. The cardigan and can be worn open or wrapped. Available at Synergy Organics.
  4. Celebrate sitting on your couch on New Years this fully tuckable tuxedo t-shirt. Available at Zazzle.
  5. Troll the interwebs from the comfort of your couch in these boxer briefs. Available at SexyDelights on Etsy.
  6. Channel your inner Gamehendge spirit and keep your feetsie’s warm in these lizard slippers. Available at
  7. The only thing more comfortable than Fishman’s mumu are these handmade Fishman leggings. Available at Weezawear on Etsy.
  8. Keep your woo patches on, kids. Because what happens on summer tour stays on summer tour. Available on a Phish 2014 lot near you.

We all know Mike will rock a scarf at least once during the New Year’s Eve run, but all bets are off if all four nights kick off with Cactus rocking his purple pants. His red pants could mean anything, also. And imagine if Trey strolled out in the Marvin the Martian shirt, old school beanie, and opened the show with megaphone “Fee” or something out of left field. As long as Page brings out the theremin, we don’t care what he’s wearing, although that golf hat on NYE last year was pretty damn sexy. Speaking of sexy, Fishman could even come out sporting another fine Italian suit in lieu of his classic dress / sneakers combo. If there’s anything Phish proved to us all in 2013, it’s to expect the unexpected, and their fashion choices historically have followed that pattern. Why not make yours a bit unexpected as well…

Have a great New Year’s Eve run and remember the line and sing it proud while you’re wearing your MSG best: “Put your wingsuit on…’cause it feels good!” –Editor